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Dr. Ravi Kothari

Current Position

Former Chief Scientist, IBM Research India

Professor of CS, Ashoka University

Visiting Faculty, Plaksha Technology Leaders Program


Ph.D. (West Virginia University)


Dr. Kothari has deep technology, innovation, and strategy experience and a proven track record of delivering unprecedented business results (solutions that are used to deliver services to more than 300M people every single day; multiple leadership and strategy roles of which some are for the largest clients in the world, about 100 top notch publications; 40+ patents granted by the USPTO).

He has successfully done theoretical research in academia, industrial research in a leading industrial research lab, and one of the most complex and visible of client facing roles. he enjoys setting up a world class research agenda, a world class innovation program, lead information and technology strategy and execution and other things that leverages my 360 degree view that spans academia, industry, offerings, and client expectations/deliverables.

He started his professional career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, USA where he later became a tenured Associate Professor and Director of the Artificial Neural Systems Laboratory.

Research Interests:

Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics, Streaming Analytics, Telecom.


About 100 Publications in International Journals and Conferences; 30+ Issues Patents. Pioneering work in Dimensionality Reduction, Estimating the Complexity of a Classification Problem, Streaming Data Analytics.


IBM Gerstner Award (IBM's highest team award)

Member IBM Academy of Technology

Member - IBM Industry Academy