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Dr. Sudheendra Hangal

Current Position

Professor of the Practice in Computer Science,

Ashoka University

Visiting Faculty, Plaksha Technology Leaders Program


Ph.D. & M.S. (Stanford University)

B.Tech. (IIT Delhi)


Dr. Hangal is a researcher in the areas of social computing and human-computer interaction, and a Professor of Practice in Computer Science at Ashoka University, where he also co-directs the Trivedi Center for Political Data. Formerly, he was the Associate Director for the Stanford Mobisocial Lab. His research interests are focused on novel applications for the digital life-logs that millions of consumers are collecting. Some of these applications are demonstrated in a system called Muse which helps people look back and reflect on the years or decades past, using their email archives. A derivative of Muse called ePADD is being developed by Stanford Libraries to provide access to the email archives of eminent individuals that are hosted in its libraries.

He has also worked on novel "experience-infused" applications that provide new experiences for users using the power of automatic recall from their archives. The personalized Experience-infused Browser is one example; the Slant custom search engine is another.

In a previous career, he worked on creating new methods to make computer systems more reliable. Broadly, his thesis was that hardware design can be improved by using many of the innovative ideas in the software engineering world; and software can be made more robust using the rigorous methods of hardware engineering.