Bridge Course

To refresh and bridge learning gaps in Math and Programming that act as a barrier to transitioning into careers in AI-ML and Data Science, Plaksha is offering the Bridge Course.

Spread over four weekends and conducted online in the months of March and July, there is no fee to enroll for the course. However, selection is made after a careful consideration of the candidates’ profile and interest in AI-ML.

What to expect ?

  • 30+ hours of Math and Programing taught by global faculty

    'Joy of Computing' (Programming fundamentals)
    'Aptitude through Narratives' (Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics)

  • Live lectures with Q&A to ensure clarity of concepts

  • Team assignments with intellectually matched peers

  • Opportunity to network and make meaningful connections

  • Working tech professionals who are out of touch with Math and Programming

  • Fresh engineering graduates from core branches such as Mechanical, Electrical, ECE, & Civil

  • Math / Economics / Statistics majors looking to transition into cutting-edge tech

Who should attend ?

Why you should attend ?

  • Build foundational Math and Programming competencies which can help you transition into the field of Data Science.

  • Based on the performance in the mid-term evaluation of the Bridge Course, Stand an opportunity to join the TLP Class of 2024.

  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate.

Sign up for the Bridge Course here.


Monish Krishnan
TLP Class of 2023

"I had two reasons to join the Bridge Course. First was to revisit the basics of programming and math. Second, was to experience Plaksha's academic environment.Weekends got a little more productive than usual because of the course. The classes helped me improve my number sense and problem-solving skills.Prof. Sudarshan and Prof. Yayati made me feel comfortable and constantly encouraged everyone."

Pragya Wasan
TLP Class of 2023

"Coming from an economics and liberal arts background, the world of technology is fairly new and scary to me. The Bridge Course was an absolute must. I had a constant existential crisis about whether I'd be able to manage this curriculum or not. However, Prof. Sudarshan made sure that the students who were new to the tech world felt comfortable and made swift progress."

Stuti Pasricha
TLP Class of 2023

"The Bridge Course focused on fundamentals before jumping into the problem. Prof. Sudarshan taught keeping new students (in the field) in mind. The interactions were lively and the activity-based approach made everyone feel included."

Adarsh Nair
TLP Class of 2023

"The Bridge Course has helped me to better understand concepts from statistics and computational thinking, approach problems in a structured manner, apply basic principles instead of using advanced techniques. The classes were interactive and the instructors encouraged collaboration throughout the course."