Chai-Shai Bytes: An Invisible Computer, Neuralink and Bacta Tank...

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Dear Readers,

In this edition, we present a curated selection of reading recommendations that will intrigue and inspire you from the world of tech and healthcare. From ground-breaking advancements in human-computer interaction to the miraculous restoration of mobility for a paralyzed individual, these stories showcase the remarkable potential of innovation and resilience.

3 Reading Recommendations

  • We have all experienced those moments where we are glued to our phones and even though we don’t like it, we just accept that this is the world we live in now. Enter! A company that is trying to reimagine human-computer interaction. Their motto of truth, trust + joy aims to shift the paradigm of our devices by pushing them to the background and letting humanity come back up to the surface, allowing us to be more present. | The Disappearing Computer: An Exclusive Preview of Humane’s Screenless Tech.
  • AI has long been a boon to the medical world, from medical imaging to protein folding and vaccine discovery. Now it is being used to go beyond the machine and help give the human body back its lost functionality. A team of researchers have successfully created a device of embedded electrodes on the spinal cord that bypass damaged spinal cord regions to send signals to stimulate muscle movement using thoughts. In a seemingly miraculous, and no doubt emotional outcome, this enabled a man with 12 years of paralysis to walk and perform other activities. | Paralyzed man walks naturally, thanks to wireless ‘bridge’ between brain and spine.
  • The psychological and emotional realms of the human being are still the subject of study and our understanding of them is growing with advances in research. Nivida Chandra is one such researcher who works with people who have suffered through childhood emotional neglect. In this piece she talks about one of the confounding yet subtle occurrence in urban Indian families, as she puts it “When parents cast a child into the role of mediator, friend and carer, the wounds are profound. But recovery is possible.” | The parentified child.

1 Mathematical Concept to Ponder Upon
Within the realm of disease prevention, vaccination emerges as a dual-benefit solution, offering advantages to both the individual recipient and the wider community. Underpinning these immunization efforts, the application of mathematical principles unveils invaluable tools for enhancing vaccination strategies. By employing mathematics, we can estimate the effectiveness of vaccines, analyze the dynamics of disease transmission, determine the optimal coverage required for vaccination campaigns, and inform decisions that yield effective disease control. Nonetheless, the consequences of disease transmission are weighty, with lives hanging in the balance. The article demonstrates how straightforward mathematical calculations illuminate the potential of widespread vaccination to disrupt the exponential spread of diseases, effectively thwarting the emergence of epidemics | How Math (and Vaccines) Keep You Safe From the Flu.

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1 Crazy Idea Picking Up Steam
Would you let Elon Musk implant a device in your brain?

That’s the question that Tyler Cowen, a Bloomberg Opinion columnist and economics professor, explores in this fascinating analysis of Neuralink, Musk’s brain-computer interface company. Cowen examines the potential benefits and risks of this technology for people with disabilities, as well as for the general public. He also compares it with other forms of artificial intelligence and asks whether it will create new social and ethical dilemmas. If you’re curious about the future of human-machine interaction, you won’t want to miss this thought-provoking article. | Would You Let Elon Musk Implant a Device in Your Brain?

1 Tech in Pop-Culture
Dive into the intriguing world of Boba Fett's Bacta tank from the Star Wars spinoff, "The Book of Boba Fett," as we explore the science behind its healing powers and how it relates to chronic pain. Inverse interviews medical expert Dr. Mohab Ibrahim to separate fact from fiction, revealing the real-life equivalents of the Bacta tank gel. Discover the fascinating mechanisms of pain relief and skin repair offered by medications like lidocaine and aloe vera, and learn about alternative immersive treatments for chronic pain. | The Most Useful Star Wars Invention Reveals A Real Medical Problem.

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TLP Team