Peer Learning and Diversity

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Yearly, the Fellowship warmly welcomes scholars from a multitude of disciplines, cultures and backgrounds, inviting them to engage in a transformative experiential learning journey. Amidst the quest to enhance their technological prowess and social intelligence to design potential entrepreneurial solutions, a defining element that colors the experience of TLF Fellows is the rich tapestry of diversity within the cohort.  

This diversity is not just geographic but extends to academic backgrounds, encompassing fields such as Engineering, Statistics, Finance, Public Policy and Physics. The abundance of varied perspectives fuels stimulating discourse and robust peer-to-peer learning, creating a dynamic learning environment.    


In a world where the scope of technology continually broadens, there is an urgent need for individuals equipped to approach challenges from a multidisciplinary standpoint and collaborate seamlessly with those from diverse backgrounds. The TLF experience is meticulously designed to empower our Fellows in this regard, with the exchange of ideas among peers serving as a significant catalyst for this transformative journey.

Plaksha University

Plaksha University