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Ph.D Program
  • Overview
  • Responsibilities
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Admissions process
  • Financial Support
  • Research Internship
  • How to apply
  • Plaksha – DaveAI PhD Fellowship
The PhD program at Plaksha puts emphasis on grand challenges including health, agriculture, water security, clean energy, etc. that cut across several disciplines, and faculty members are actively engaged in research in these disciplines.

We invite applications for a PhD program with a generous stipend and benefits. We are looking for candidates, who are highly motivated to do cutting-edge research and innovation.

Research Areas for PhD at Plaksha are as follows:

AI/ ML and Automation, Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Computational Biology, Social Sciences, Engineering Education, Design Thinking, Behavioral Economics, Economics, Wastewater Technology, Data Science, Robotics and Cyber-Physical Systems, Biological Systems, Climate Change, Clean Energy, Digital Health, Digital Agriculture, Water Security, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture and History, Language and Communication.

PhD scholars responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
  • Conducting cutting edge original research in collaboration with their research supervisor(s).
  • Communicating their research in top-tier peer reviewed journals and participating in leading conferences of their field of study; creating new technologies, machines, IPR, etc.
  • Teaching assistance up to 20 hours per week including (among others) supervision of students’ lab-work, conducting recitations/tutorials, grading assignments, quizzes, or lab reports, data collection and/or analysis, maintenance of LMS and other administrative duties as required, for the duration of the PhD program.
Eligibility criteria
PhD program is open to brilliant individuals desirous of starting their career in academia. The admission process is very selective and only those who have a genuine interest in pursuing research will be selected.

As per UGC rules, candidates with the following qualifications are eligible to apply for the PhD program: a 1-year/master’s degree program (after 4-year undergraduate degree), 2-year master’s degree program (after 3-year undergraduate degree), 5-year Dual or integrated degree or an equivalent program, 4-year/8-semester bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Science, Law, Architecture, Social Science, Humanities, and others and M.Phill degree.

Candidates with an equivalent degree from a foreign educational institution accredited by an Assessment and Accreditation Agency which is approved, recognized, or authorized by an authority, established or incorporated under a law in its home country or any other statutory authority in that country to assess, accredit or assure quality and standards of educational institutions.

Preference will be given to those applicants who have qualified in at least one of the following exams: NET or GATE/ and/ or have demonstrated research potential through publications in recognized journals.

Research interests should preferably align with Plaksha University thrust areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, economics, data science, robotics and cyber-physical systems, biological systems, climate change, clean energy, digital health, digital agriculture, water security, philosophy, anthropology, culture and history, language and communication. For more details and specific eligibility requirements of research areas, please check the research area specifications on the website. You can choose up to 2 areas of interest for the application.
Admissions process
The admission process is rigorous and aims to understand the journey (academic, personal, and professional) of the applicant in order to ensure that they are a good fit for the program. To apply for admission to the program, candidates must fill out the online application form on the Plaksha University website. The admission process consists of an admission test followed by an interview.

Only those candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria will be considered for the admission test. The admission test syllabus will consist of questions that test the candidate’s research, analytical, quantitative aptitude and verbal aptitude.

The interview will assess the candidate's competence and interest in the proposed research, and alignment of the proposed research with Plaksha’s overarching research goals based on grand challenges

Qualified candidates will be offered admission to join the PhD program either in the monsoon semester (August) or in the spring semester (January).
Financial Support
PhD scholars admitted under Plaksha Doctoral Fellowship category will receive a monthly stipend of INR 60,000 in their first and second years, and INR 70,000 after completion of their second year for subsequent years. This support is available for a total of 4 years subject to a successful annual review of the academic progress, with a possible extension of one year upon recommendation of the Doctoral Research Committee.

In addition to the monthly stipend, scholars will usually receive a full tuition fee waiver.

Scholars will also be eligible for a Professional Development Allowance (PDA) of up to INR 2,00,000 during the entire duration of their doctoral program. This may only be availed after completion of the first year of the PhD program. PDA can be used for conference/workshop-related expenses, purchasing books, and enrolling for value-added courses

Optional on-campus accommodation, subject to availability can be provided to Scholars. Residence rent, meal fees and other charges will apply, as per university norms.
How to apply
The application portal can be accessed by clicking the 'APPLY NOW' button.

Applicants would be required to attach the following as a part of the form:
  • CV
  • Details of two to five references who would be willing to write a letter of recommendation.
  • Statement of Research Interest [limit of 1500 words] - please include your thoughts on why you are applying, your relevant skills and experience, your research interests, and your educational and career aspirations. You can choose upto 2 areas of interest for the application.

Plaksha – DaveAI PhD Fellowship

Plaksha University and DaveAI are offering a joint PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Potential research themes include:
  • Emotional expression in Audiovisual Avatars
  • Multi-party turn taking in Metaverse interactions
  • Attention based models for domain specific dialogue management for NPCs in metaverse
The fellowship is open to other research themes in Artificial Intelligence basis candidates preference.

Compensations and benefits include:
  • Monthly stipend of INR 90,000 in first two years; INR 1,05,000 for the next two years
  • Full tuition fee waiver
  • Full coverage of admission fee and yearly enrollment fee
  • Eligible for a full year of international fellowship to support research
  • Conference related travel allowance up to INR 2,00,000 every year

Educational and skills requirement for Plaksha - DaveAI PhD Fellowship:
  • Bachelor’s/master’s in engineering/technology with a strong background in Computer Science (CS), Applied Mathematics or Computational Physics and an aptitude to do good scientific research
  • Programming skills in any one language is mandatory
  • Research experience and publications in Artificial Intelligence is a plus
For more information regarding the Plaksha-DaveAI PhD Fellowship, please click here.
Research Internship

PhD scholars are eligible to apply for an international/ national research internship for 1 – 2 semesters at partnering institutions or research laboratories subject to internship contributes significantly to the completion of the scholars’ research.

Leave of absence may be granted to the scholar under the semester away program from the second year onwards for research internship.

The support in the internship may include airfare (economy class), and a monthly stipend commensurate with living expenses at the host institute subject to the availability of funds.
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