Student Success Chronicles: A Journey of Accomplishments

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Plaksha's entrepreneurial ecosystem is designed to motivate and empower students to follow their startup dreams. Our immersive learning environment fosters a convergence of ideas that results in students successfully establishing entrepreneurial ventures. One of the most notable is Marbles (formerly StimVeda) by our founding postgraduate students. It was recognized among the top seven global healthcare startups. Not to be left behind, our enterprising undergraduate students had over 10 entrepreneurial ventures to their name in 2023.  

  • Four Plaksha BTech students received a special mention at the NIT Jalandhar Hackathon for their outstanding performance. Aryaman Khandelwal (UG’25), Nikhil Henry (UG’26), Suhani Agarwal (UG’25) and Tushar Goyal (UG’25) created an educational web app called by integrating GPT-3 API, Google Cloud Vision and PDFkit. The app enables users to upload lecture slides, PDFs and handwritten notes, then leverages AI-ML capabilities, to generates personalized lecture plans that have relevant YouTube videos, articles, and problems sheets.  
    Our PhD scholars are taking up the mantle of research on grand challenges. Under the guidance of Dr. Prashanth Suresh Kumar and Dr. Amruta R Behera, PhD scholar Neelam Sarmah has been advancing her research on wastewater monitoring. Neelam wants to empower communities with a transformative platform that facilitates behavioral change within communities. Her research was selected as one of the top 75 ideas (among applicants from 67 countries) by NITI Aayog under the esteemed LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) initiative.  
  • Under the guidance of Prof Rucha Joshi, Arshiya Sangwan, BTech Class of 2025, presented a research paper at the EMPOWER Conference, held at IIT Madras. The paper was based on research for her ILGC project 'Inclusive Circuit Making for Visually Impaired Middle School Students in India'. She was the youngest presenter at the largest national conference for Assistive Technology.  

Arshia - EMPOWER conference 2

  • During the Innovation Challenge at Innovation Mission Punjab, Anushka Desai, Suhani Jain & Tanisha Saraf from UG Class of 2025 pitched their startup idea on virtual reality immersive workout experience. For this innovative fitness app, the all-girls team won the Most Innovative Woman-Led Idea of the Month.  
  • Five students from the UG cohort were on summer internships in top international and Indian universities – UC San Diego, SUTD Singapore, Brown University, IIT Bombay and IIIT Delhi.

Meanwhile, our students continued to make great strides outside the classroom as well.

The Plaksha Volleyball girls team won the Silver Medal at the Magnus Sports Fest held at OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat. The team included Aanya Patil (Sports Secretary and Team Captain, UG '25), Nandini (Team VC, UG '26), Anushka Desai (UG '25), Avishi Rajgarhia (UG '25), Manjree Kothari (UG '26), Soorya S (UG '26), and Vaishnavi Rathi (UG '25). They were guided by Abhilash Thakur, the team coach and sports officer.

Athleda, the Plaksha Sports club participated in the Inter-University Table Tennis competition at Ashoka University's Sports Fest - Agneepath. Khushi Goel, Japsahaj Kaur and Avishi Rajgarhia made us proud by securing the position of runners-up in the highly competitive tournament.

TT competition


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