Chai-Shai Bytes: Chat-GPT, Death, Art and Chaos...

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3 Reading Recommendations

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1 Mathematical Concept to Ponder Upon 
Fractals are self-similar patterns that exist in nature and have long been a chaotic notion for people to traverse and understand. They also make for fun experiments. Play this game and find out | The Chaos Game

1 Crazy Idea Picking Up Steam 
Light up your devices | Internet beyond Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has enabled all of us to connect to the rest of the world and how! Taking the next leap in tech that connects people, now light is the new champion to which this big task falls, and with big shoes to fill! Read more

1 Pop Culture Trivia  
In the book, Hitchhiker's guide to galaxy, Douglas Adams presents 42 as the answer to the universe and since then it has become the cornerstone for references throughout the media | 42 – the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

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TLP Team