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The Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship is on its fifth year of collaboration with the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley. We aim to nurture the next generation of technology leaders capable of making a global impact. The collaboration enriches the opportunities provided at Plaksha University, bringing world-class entrepreneurial education to our fellows.

At the core of this partnership lies a shared mission — to empower entrepreneurs capable of harnessing technology to create value for the world. This mission resonates deeply with the Fellowship's curriculum.

Fellows immerse themselves in the globally renowned 'Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship.' Engaging in innovation boot-camps and hands-on startup creation labs provides them with a transformative learning journey. Faculty from UC Berkeley actively participate in designing and delivering the entrepreneurship curriculum at the Fellowship.  
Leadership for Innovators Bootcamp     

The Fellowship kicks off with an exhilarating bootcamp hosted at Plaksha University's campus during the commencement of the Academic Year. This immersive experience is designed to not only ignite leadership skillsets but also foster a growth-oriented mindset through real-world challenges, engaging games, and collaborative group activities. As Fellows embark on their year-long journey, the bootcamp serves as a catalyst for building strong connections among peers, creating a vibrant sense of camaraderie within the cohort.


The bootcamp, curated and facilitated by esteemed experts Mr. Ken Singer (Managing Director, SCET UC Berkeley) and Mr. Moor Xu (Game Master, SCET UC Berkeley), ensures a transformative start to the year. Their wealth of experience sparks excitement, laying the foundation for collaborative and impactful leadership development throughout the program.

Entrepreneurial Challenge Lab     

The Entrepreneurial Challenge Lab is a dynamic and immersive course designed to fuel Fellows' entrepreneurial drive and transform innovative ideas into real-world ventures.

In this experiential journey, Fellows dive deep into the intricacies of tech startup creation. Through active participation in projects, customer discovery, and the development of innovative business models, they gain hands-on insights that transcend traditional learning methods.

Guidance and Support:

Led by Mr. Mark Searle and supported by dedicated mentors and seasoned industry experts, the Challenge Lab places a strong emphasis on practical, real-world learning. Fellows benefit from a curriculum that integrates live and pre-recorded lectures, engaging team presentations, hands-on exercises and collaborative working sessions. This multifaceted approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurial nuances.



Beyond the Classroom:

Recognizing the importance of refining ideas beyond formal class hours, Fellows are encouraged to dedicate time to shaping their concepts. This includes interactions with potential customers and stakeholders, allowing for a holistic understanding of market dynamics.  

The Launchpad for Entrepreneurial Aspirations:

The Entrepreneurial Challenge Lab is more than just a course; it's a launchpad for fellows' entrepreneurial aspirations. Whether they bring forth exciting ideas or compelling problem statements, the transformative journey begins as they form teams and commence on a path of unconventional learning aligned with real-world problems.

Are You Ready?

The Entrepreneurial Challenge Lab is an invitation to those ready to embrace the uncharted journey. Are you prepared to turn your ideas into reality? Let the entrepreneurial adventure unfold!

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