Orientation – BTech Class of 2027

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Orientation of BTech Class of 2027 at Plaksha University held on August 8 & 9 was more than just an introduction; it was an invitation for first year BTech students to embark on a vibrant academic adventure. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation, with eager young faces looking around themselves sometimes at their counterparts and faculty and at other times at the university premises that will be their home for the coming four years. With the Vice Chancellor's inspiring words, engaging sessions from various departments, a focus on mental well-being, exciting games, and a delightful high tea, the orientation set the stage for an unforgettable journey ahead.
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The Grand Opening by the Vice Chancellor
The orientation program kicked off with a bang as the students were greeted by none other than the esteemed Vice Chancellor of Plaksha University, Prof. Rudra Pratap. The campus buzzed with excitement as the students listened intently to his inspirational address. Prof. Pratap emphasized on the importance of exploration, curiosity and innovation in the journey of academic excellence.
His words resonated deeply with the audience, setting tone for the adventure that awaited them at Plaksha University. He encouraged the students to embrace challenges, foster collaborations and make the most of every opportunity that the university has to offer.

Introducing University’s Departments
Inspiration is only the beginning. The real magic happens in the classrooms, labs and research hubs. That is why the orientation program provided students the front-row seat view to the different departments of the university. 
Whether it was the Department of Academics, Administration or Student-life, the students were fascinated by the innovative work being done in these arms of Plaksha for the well-being of students and the endless possibilities for exploration. Many left these sessions with a newfound enthusiasm for their chosen disciplines.

Nurturing Mental Well-being
Recognizing the importance of mental health in the demanding journey of academia, Plaksha University placed a significant emphasis on mental well-being during the orientation program. A dedicated session was conducted by Dr. Shalini Sharma, a counseling psychologist and therapist with the university, who encouraged the students to open-up about the challenges they were facing and seek support when needed.

The session focused on understanding the emotions and feelings of students better. As Dr. Sharma puts it. “How we feel affects our learning, the decisions we make, how we treat others and our personal well-being.” Through fun-filled activities, the students explored the concept of emotional literacy. It was heartening to see students engaging in honest discussions about their concerns and learning strategies to cope with the pressures of university life.

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Time for Fun
Who says, “Orientations have to be all work and no play?”
Amidst all the learning and soul-searching, there was ample room for fun and games. Plaksha University believes in holistic development and that includes having a good time! The orientation included a series of team-building games that had everyone laughing, strategizing, and bonding.
One of them was Scavenger hunt: Students were divided into teams and given clues, one clue gave directions for the next and so on. The clues took the undergrads all around Plaksha. The winning team had a scrumptious dinner with the Vice Chancellor and the runners-up received exciting prizes.

Another interesting game was that of Telephone Charades: Teams of students were formed and made to stand in a line. The last person in the queue was given a movie or show prompt. This student had to act the prompt and convey it to the person in front of him without speaking. This cascading effect continued till the first person in the queue, who had to guess and speak what the original prompt was.  

Such games not only served as ice breakers but also reinforced the importance of teamwork and communication. It was evident that friendships were being formed, making the university experience richer and more enjoyable.

High Tea Delight
To wrap up the orientation on a delightful note, Plaksha University organized a high tea event, where students, faculty, and staff came together for breaking the ice over cups of tea and an assortment of delectable snacks.
The high tea served as an excellent opportunity for students to connect with their peers and faculty members in a relaxed setting. It was heartwarming to witness the diverse community of Plaksha University coming together, sharing stories, and building connections that would undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Wrapping up!
As they dispersed, there was a tangible sense of anticipation. The orientation ignited a spark in the hearts of these young minds. It had shown them that university life was not just about textbooks and lectures; it was a holistic experience filled with growth, friendships and limitless opportunities.
The students left with smiles on their faces, knowing that they were stepping into a world where every day would be an adventure and every challenge would be a stepping-stone towards a brighter future. Plaksha University had set the stage for an unforgettable chapter in their lives, and they were ready to seize every moment of it.
The orientation was not just a couple of days on the calendar; it was the start of an incredible journey.

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