Research Revolution - Plaksha's Research Prowess in Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow

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Research and innovation initiatives have a profound impact on our lives. A single personal experience can ignite a spark, a belief that the biggest problems faced by us as a society are not a challenge, but rather, an opportunity waiting to be seized.

Plaksha, with its unwavering commitment to nurture the potential of its students, believes that we all are agents of change.  

Epitomizing the spirit of impactful change is the research ecosystem at Plaksha where we aim to solve the grand challenges around planetary and human health.  

Prof Vishal Garg, Director, Indorama Ventures Center for Clean Energy 

"At Plaksha, we've undertaken the task of identifying and addressing the most pressing challenges facing our society. One of these is the imperative to decarbonize our energy sector. The Indorama Ventures Center for Clean Energy is committed to interdisciplinary research and impactful initiatives towards cleaner energy for all."

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Prof Malini Balakrishnan, Director, Center for Water Security

"Our mission at the Center for Water Security is to ensure sustainable access to clean water in India for the next 50 years. It will be a comprehensive approach covering social, economic, and environmental aspects. Social aspects include water requirements for drinking, sanitation, and other domestic uses. The economic aspects are critical for agriculture, energy generation, and industrial activities. From the environmental perspective, for the overall wellbeing of our ecosystem, constant monitoring, effective use, and conservation of our surface and groundwater sources is imperative. To achieve this mission, our research endeavors will be applied and aimed at providing affordable solutions. Currently, we have identified 3 focus areas – remedies to address groundwater depletion and pollution, industrial wastewater treatment, and sewage treatment. We will be working initially to achieve a circular water economy in the Plaksha campus and Mohali before scaling across Punjab and India."

Prof Sunita Chauhan, Director, Center for Equitable and Personalized Healthcare

At CEPH-Plaksha, we aspire to transform the future of healthcare for all in India and beyond, by carefully steering our research and innovative efforts to make healthcare equitable through improved accessibility, affordability, sustainability and, more importantly, through personalized, patient-centric approaches using integrated healthcare infrastructure and innovative technologies. To achieve our vision, we aspire to set-up targeted research programs involving the following thematic clusters:  

  • Specific disease targeted research
  • Technology enabled health solutions
  • Smart Infrastructure & Medical Education/Training
  • Thera-diagnostics: next generation diagnostics & therapeutics

We are in a process of establishing a collaborative research cluster along with Harvard Medical School and BWH, which aims to develop engineering solutions for next generation diagnostics and therapeutics involving genetics and epigenetics correlated for Indian population. The overall goal is to improve accessibility, accuracy and sensitivity of novel disease identifiers in femto-molar concentrations.

The Center for Digital Agriculture at Plaksha envisions to transform Indian agriculture ecosystem through development of pathbreaking technologies. It seeks to set up a Plaksha Smart Farm, a living lab for research and innovation.  

Our faculty Dr Shashank Tamaskar and Dr Amruta R Behera founded AGMitra Technologies to develop sugarcane growth solutions. When STPI - Software Technology Parks of India organized the Smart Farm Grant Challenge - Stage 2 for a Product Development Grant, AGMitra Technologies won a significant grant for their innovation. By using cutting-edge technologies like AI-ML, Remote Sensing, and IoT, their model can predict the optimum time for sugarcane harvest, estimate sugar content, and identify mature plots.

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