Life at Plaksha Campus

Campus life shapes the students in many ways. The place where we spend 2-4 years of our life is more than a living abode. At Plaksha, students enjoy a wholesome, joyful and meaningful campus experience with a variety of activities that invigorate the mind and body.

A mix of sports, social initiatives, green causes, talks and awareness campaigns, cultural and fun activities et al gives students ample opportunities to learn and grow, socialize, display creativity and let their hair down.

From Yoga to PRIDE awareness, mental health workshops to Bollywood nights, there’s something to tickle every student's spirit!


Science of Being Human
Science of Being Human

A mental wellness initiative at Plaksha led by our in-house psychologist Shalini Sharma – explores the socio-emotional journey of students on campus.

In small groups, students identify and understand people, habits and attitudes that have shaped them, but now weigh them down. Shalini helps students break free and move forward towards a more fulfilling life.

International Yoga Day Celebrations
Connecting the dots with Yoga

To leverage the multitude of benefits of yoga for an agile body and mind, Plaksha has introduced this natural wellness practice as a life skill.

Yoga instructor Srishti Malpath has been leading this unique initiative at the Mohali campus since March. Not just asanas and breathing techniques, students are also learning basic ayurvedic principles for overall well-being.



As a part of the PRIDE month celebrations at Plaksha University, students and staff participated in various awareness and sensitization efforts including a talk by Abhishek Ghosh (He/Him/His), Co-Founder, Qonnect, cultural activities, food, art, and more!

Students learnt how to be an ALLY for the LGBTQIA+ community - Act by standing up against harassment, Learn about the community, Lead by having open conversations and showing support and Yield space by listening before advising.