Collectively building the technology university of the future

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“Plaksha will be a great center of excellence, which would attract students from across the world with a focus on the female students. I think Plaksha has the unique opportunity of taking the lead and being the pioneer in promoting girls in science and technology streams,”

“I strongly believe that the leaders of tomorrow will be very different from the leaders of yesterday, and even today. The skill set for tomorrow’s leader will look very different from the traditional strengths we are familiar with and Plaksha is doing exactly what is needed to cultivate the students into becoming leaders that stay relevant despite the changing times.”
Rakesh Bharti Mittal, Vice Chairman at Bharti Enterprises and Founder & Trustee at Plaksha University

Over the next 25 years, the world GDP will double to $90 trillion. This GDP growth will be driven by technological advancements, which are conceptualized in our universities and research centers. To spur relevant innovation and research tech education across the world needs to be reimagined. Plaksha University envisions to create a new model of engineering education - place where fresh ideas and innovation are given a free reign with the aim of solving real-world problems. This vision has become the cornerstone of the strategic partnership between Plaksha University and Bharti Foundation.


This partnership enables us to achieve our collective vision of becoming a multidisciplinary university of global eminence. Together, we will promote interdisciplinary studies, facilitate a vibrant innovation & entrepreneurial ecosystem and set up distinctive research centers to solve grand challenges, with a world-class campus.


As a telecom pioneer in India, Bharti Enterprises has always been at the forefront of innovation to deliver cutting-edge and affordable solutions. Its philanthropic arm, Bharti Foundation, aims to transform the education system in India to encourage the youth to realize their potential, a goal that resonates with Plaksha’s vision.


With a twin focus on building world-class infrastructure and providing financial aid and support to deserving students, Bharti Foundation is supporting Plaksha University’s endeavor to build the technology university for the future.


One of the aspects of this partnerships is the Bharti Academic Block, which is a hub for student activity and engagement, facilitating peer interaction and collaborative learning. This iconic building at the entrance of the campus houses the multi-purpose hall, classrooms, boardroom, Vice Chancellor’s office, Dean’s office, and administrative/ faculty offices.


In addition, Bharti Scholarship will go beyond a financial commitment to offer a transformational experience for students to develop academically and professionally. The scholarship will be awarded to exceptional students from diverse socio-economic, geographical and gender backgrounds, and it will help the youth to realize their potential and pursue their dreams.


Plaksha will nurture talent and prepare the students for a brighter future, believes Mittal. The University will also have strong engagement with the industry on research and be an ecosystem of startups. Plaksha will become the breeding ground for startups and future technologies in the coming decade.


The scholarships and infrastructure support by Bharti Foundation is giving wings to students at Plaksha to become critical thinkers and empathetic and creative leaders. These students will bridge the talent gap and create sustainable and scalable solutions for India and the world.

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