Founders on Campus

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In the vibrant tapestry of 2023, Plaksha University welcomed a constellation of thought leaders and distinguished entrepreneurs, each contributing to an enriching dialogue with our students. Today, we shine a spotlight on a few remarkable visits that left an indelible mark on our campus.  

Seasoned investor and Founder and Trustee, Plaksha University, Mukul Agrawal's presence was a masterclass in entrepreneurial wisdom. As a stalwart in the capital market and a guiding force behind Plaksha's journey, his insights not only proved to be a rare experience for students but also reinforced the essence of perseverance and innovation.

A remarkable day unfolded at Plaksha University when Rakesh Bharti Mittal, Vice Chairman of Bharti Enterprises and Founder & Trustee of Plaksha University, shared his wealth of experience with the students. The session was nothing short of a masterclass in entrepreneurship. It left an indelible mark on the incoming cohort of BTech and Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship students. 
"Opportunity knocks again, again and yet again. The only thing is that if you are ready to tap that opportunity at the right time, no one can stop you from being successful," he said.

The Finance Club in association with Jefferies Finhub hosted Dilipkumar Khandelwal, Managing Director and CEO, Deutsche Bank India, and Founder, Plaksha University. He sparked an interesting discussion on early stock market investments, data warehousing and the intricacies of the AI bubble.

Dilipkumar Khandelwal used his learnings from working in multiple divisions to become a successful angel investor and the driving force behind many large technology organizations. He said, “You can grow in your career by gaining experience in different departments or by specializing in one specific domain. There will be challenges, but if your attitude is right in terms of learning, you will see growth.”  

These impactful interactions, curated to foster learning beyond the conventional, exemplify the commitment of our founding community to nurturing the next generation of leaders.  

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