Mindful Living at Plaksha

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Plaksha recognizes that true growth is about following intellectual pursuits as well as learning life skills and promoting overall well-being. Nurturing physical, mental and emotional well-being of students, faculty and team, empowers them to become empathetic team players, lifelong learners and compassionate leaders.

At Plaksha, campus-wide wellness initiatives are a regular occurrence, contributing to Plakshans' cultivation of positivity and innovative thinking. Furthering this commitment, in 2023 the MCKS Thrive Room was inaugurated. It marked a new milestone in our journey as Master Daniel Gorgonia (Master Danny) led an invigorating pranic healing session. It focused on balancing and aligning energies through breath work. Additionally, Sunil Goyal from MCKS Trust Fund inspired everyone with his profound words.  

The MCKS Thrive Room regularly hosts sessions for meditation and emotional wellness. Additionally, daily evening yoga sessions are available to both students and faculty.

In the past, students, faculty and executive team have learnt and practiced Superbrain Yoga with Master Danny and Sunil Goyal. Superbrain Yoga is a powerful yoga technique that helps activate the brain and enhances mental clarity and focus. By combining yoga postures with breathing patterns, this technique is effective in improving brain function and reducing any stress.

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Dr. Shalini Sharma, Counselling Psychologist and Therapist at Plaksha University says, “Looking after our emotional well-being is much more than attending a workshop or a webinar, it’s an everyday promise we make to ourselves. Intellectually, we all know that looking after our mental health is important. However, we continue to postpone it thinking that there are too many things on my plate right now. What if looking after our mental health is the plate on which everything else rests?”  

Plaksha believes that engaging in a creative activity like singing or drawing is calming and therapeutic. It also improves memory and fosters empathy. This was visible during a stone painting workshop on campus wherein students got together to celebrate the beauty of art and nature by transforming ordinary rocks into extraordinary masterpieces.



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