Inaugurating the Indorama Ventures Center for Clean Energy

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On February 17, 2024 we marked a significant milestone in our journey towards pioneering sustainability solutions for India, with the inauguration of the Indorama Ventures Center for Clean Energy. This initiative will support India's transition to a net zero-carbon, self-reliant and energy-secure future. Currently, the center is focused on contributing to the global effort in reducing carbon emissions through research, industry and government partnerships, and public awareness campaigns on clean energy.  
Industry leaders, eminent academia and policy makers were present at the inauguration of the Center along with students, faculty and Plaksha founders which included Suchitra Lohia, Board of Directors Member and Deputy Group CEO of Indorama Ventures PCL, Yash Lohia, Chairman ESG, Indorama Ventures PCL, Vasu R Ariya, Group Executive & COO, Indorama Ventures, Neeraj Aggarwal, Chair Asia-Pacific, Boston Consulting Group & Chair, Board of Trustees, Plaksha University, Dr. Shalini Sarin, MD, Elektromobilitat India Pvt Ltd and Founder & Trustee, Plaksha University, and Prof. Rudra Pratap, Founding Vice Chancellor, Plaksha University.  

“Indorama Ventures is on a path to a future-ready organization with multiple programs underway and we are aligned with Plaksha’s vision of reimagining technology education and research for the prosperity of India and the globe. We believe that most of the energy demand will be coming from the global south and India will be a big contributor. India has significant potential given its population, industrialization plan and modernization. Demand for energy will keep growing and the need for clean and affordable energy cannot be emphasized enough,” Suchitra Lohia said at the inauguration.  

She added, “At Plaksha’s R&D center, we hope to be at the forefront of this and play a part in India’s growth, its self-reliance and path towards net-zero carbon footprint and energy security. Indorama Ventures is deeply committed to advancing sustainability and understands the urgency of addressing climate change through collaborations. We believe in joining forces with stakeholders, especially the academic community to drive meaningful change.”   

Prof. Vishal Garg, Director, Indorama Ventures Center for Clean Energy stressed, “To do research which leads to impact, we cannot focus only on one aspect which is technology, we have to look at social, behavioral, cultural and economic aspects among others. Then only we can have solutions which can be scaled, and which can have impact. At Indorama Ventures Center for Clean Energy, we are focusing on three aspects – support India’s transition to net-zero emissions by 2070, support India’s self-reliance in energy, and, above all, make sure that clean energy access is available to all. When we make advances in clean energy, no one should be left behind. It has to be just, it has to be inclusive, and it has to be a win-win for everyone.”   

The inauguration was followed by an intriguing panel discussion on ‘Towards a JUST Energy Transition for All’. Energy storage, equitable transitions, reskilling programs for workers and building entrepreneurial skills were discussed by panelists Yash Lohia, ESG Council Chairman, Indorama Ventures PCL, Deepesh Nanda, CEO, Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited, Rahul Sahai, CEO, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, Anirban Mukherjee, MD & Partner, BCG, and Dr. Satish Kumar, President, Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE). The discussion was moderated by Dr. Shalini Sarin, Co-Founder, Elektromobilitat India Pvt Ltd and Founder & Trustee, Plaksha University.  

'Decarbonization of the Indian Energy Sector' plays a particularly important role in our pursuit of a more sustainable future. A roundtable discussion on this theme was held during the event, focusing on policy support for accelerated growth, research priorities for localized solutions, along with startup ecosystem contribution and funding. The participants included Deepesh Nanda, CEO, TATA Renewable Power, Manoj Kumar, Mahata Technical Expert and Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, GIZ, Satish Kumar, President, AEEE, Sridhar Ponugupati, CEO and Founder, Blaze Automation Pvt Ltd, and Ashish Jindal, Lead-Energy Efficiency and Cooling, Natural Resources Défense Council, among others.   

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