Kamala Devi Murlidhar Kela Dining Hall – A Founder's Ode to Maternal Warmth and Nourishment

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Nestled at the heart of the campus is the Kamala Devi Muralidhar Kela Dining Hall, a central hub that plays a pivotal role in fostering connections, intellectual dialogue, and celebrating cultural diversity. It is a place where the Plaksha community comes together to share meals and exchange thoughts and ideas.  

Madhusudan Kela, Founder and Trustee, Plaksha University and the innovative mind behind MK Ventures, dedicated the dining hall in the memory of his late mother, Kamala Devi. His vision goes beyond mere sustenance; he aims to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience for all students, faculty, and guests, addressing both nutritional and social needs to create a sense of unity and belonging.  

The following dedication by Madhusudan Kela adds poetic poignance and depth to the ethos of the dining hall:  

The bond between mother and child  
is the purest love ever unfurled.  
Genuine and pristine.  
God could not fill every space,  
so mothers were brought forth in grace.  
Our Ma was a divine blessing bestowed upon us.   
All that we are, or hope to be,  
we owe it to our angel mother.  
Our beloved, selfless and strong Ma -  
May your mother’s love manifest in multiple ways within the walls of  
the ‘Kamala Murlidhar Kela Dining Hall’  

In gratitude - Madhuri and Madhu Kela, June ‘23  

 Those entering the hall are greeted by a meticulous Madhubani mural. It was hand-painted by four talented artists from the Then N Now organization. This mural narrates a captivating story, depicting an ancient tree confronted by the challenges of environmental turmoil. Perched high in its branches is a vibrant community of birds. Initially resentful towards humanity for the chaos that befell them, the tree's perspective changes when a mother and her newborn, untouched by human harm, seek shelter. Touched by compassion, the tree opens its branches, offering them refuge and ensuring their survival. Over time, the tree's life wanes, but its legacy endures as the mother imparts the invaluable lessons of environmental stewardship and the significance of tree planting to her child. This mural serves as both a visual delight and a profound reminder of the enduring power of compassion and the importance of preserving our environment.  

In 2023, the entire Plaksha community, founders and guests gathered under the welcoming branches of the ancient tree depicted in the mural for the inauguration ceremony of the Kamala Devi Murlidhar Kela Dining Hall.  

This two-storeyed dining hall, serving as an emblem of cultural richness and culinary diversity where the echoes of laughter, learning, and shared moments will reverberate for generations to come.



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