A Blueprint of Global Education — News18 PHH Education Summit 2022

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Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset — one that empowers students not just to start up, but also add value to organizations by learning to take initiative and being proactive.

Pallavi Jain, Director, Strategy and Programs at Plaksha, was explaining Plaksha University’s interdisciplinary, experiential and hands-on approach towards tech education, at the ‘PHH Education Summit 2022’ on News 18.

She explains the three ways in which Plaksha is ‘Reimagining Higher Education’- making technology education interdisciplinary by integrating it with design, liberal arts and entrepreneurship, building entrepreneurial mindset and anchoring research around themes of global relevance and grand challenges like digital agriculture, clean energy and water security.

As a technology university that’s setup by entrepreneurs, Plaksha has the potential to create unicorns and global companies. This inherent quality of Plaksha’s culture has already started to seep in students as a group of students from the founding cohort of undergraduate programs got selected for Y Combinator. Plaksha is also trying to create microenterprises at the Mohali campus, where students put to action sustainable business models, akin to top global universities.

She goes on to speak about the role of ethics in technology. Ethics being central to technological progress, Plaksha offers a three-month course on ethics in technological innovation that is mandatory for every student to take.

Watch the video for details on Plaksha’s new age education model and its focus on ethical leadership.

UG Team

UG Team