What Founders Day Means to Plaksha

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Since its inception in 2017, Plaksha University has held the great responsibility to uphold and fulfil the vision of its founders. Every member of the Plaksha family walked down the campus on the morning of December 17, 2022, had the knowledge that Plaksha was born from its founders’ dream to establish a higher education institution where students carve a better future for India and the world. A future where fearless tech leaders take the helm and find solutions to solve grand challenges plaguing the society today.

Members from Plaksha’s vibrant founding community came out in large numbers from across the globe to commemorate the first Founders Day on campus. The impressive gathering bore witness to Plaksha’s determination towards making an impact in the world. Inauguration of the Havells Research Building was a step in that direction. Through a noteworthy display of ideas and prototypes, students and faculty demonstrated their undeniable determination towards following in the footsteps of the founding members to reimagine higher education.

Prof. S Shankar Sastry, chair of the Academic Advisory Board since Plaksha’s inception, was formally introduced as the Founding Chancellor of the University. His ideas on high-impact research will take Plaksha to greater heights. The Founders Day became the pathway to unlocking breakthrough thinking. In a brainstorming exercise, old assumptions were challenged, new angles were sought, and unexpected solutions discussed.

Witness the many emotions experienced in that one momentous day in under 3 minutes:

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