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Plaksha Technology Leaders Program (TLP) is a one year, full-time, residential, postgraduate program in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Leadership offered in partnership with University of California, Berkeley.

TLP (formerly Tech Leaders Fellowship) has been crafted with the belief that technology will play an ever increasing role in creating a deep impact on business and society. Some of the toughest challenges we face as a society will be solved using contemporary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

UC Berkeley, Purdue University, IIT Bombay, UPenn, Google, IBM

Data Scientist, Product Manager, Senior Product Engineer, Product Analyst, Researchers and Enterpreneurs

TLP is a PGP program offered Plaksha University. The university has been founded by over 60+ industry leaders, tech entrepreneurs and senior academicians from across the world, to reimagine technology education for India and the world.

The Program has been designed to create tech leaders who will lead organizations, build path-breaking ventures and help solve real world challenges for India and the world.

TLP’s unique construct - of project based learning, capstones in leading organizations and global faculty from top universities - positions it as a premier program in technology not only in India but in the world.

TLP is built on four intertwined threads: Data-X coursework (AI and ML, design and systems thinking), Real-world Projects (Challenge Lab and Capstone Project), Guest Sessions by domain experts, business leaders and entrepreneurs, and Leadership and Mentorship. The Capstone will be intense AI and ML centric projects across three months at leading corporations or research labs.

Hands-on Learning: Capstone Project

Deploying AI Models to create immersive User Experiences

Manasi Mahadik worked with a deep-tech startup on developing technology to transform sparse 2D images to 3D photorealistic representations, and consequently create immersive AR/VR experiences for customers of popular consumer brands to devour.

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Using NLP based approach to make Customer Support Functions more efficient

Utkarsh Mittal worked with a Top Systems Technology company, where he tried make the analysis of log files easier so that MTTR can be brought down. He tried to deploy a Natural Language Processing (NLP) based approach to resolve this.

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Founding Group

Co-Founded by over 60+ business leaders and technology entrepreneurs across five countries.

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