TLF Admissions

Who Is the Ideal TLF Candidate?

  • An ideal TLF candidate is someone who has completed or is in the process of completing a major in engineering, sciences, mathematics, statistics, or other applied fields. They should be enthusiastic about learning how data and technology can drive decision-making.
  • While TLF generally prefers candidates with up to 2 years of professional experience aiming to take on leadership roles utilising data and technology to make a significant impact. We also encourage recent graduates who share this passion to apply. 


What we seek in applicants?

    • Candidates with strong problem-solving skills, the ability to adapt to various professional situations, and think critically about the challenges.
    • TLF candidates should have an impressive academic track record, emphasizing solid quantitative skills. They should also have completed graduate-level mathematics courses and have some familiarity with coding and programming, either through college coursework or self-learning certifications.
    • Individuals enthusiastic about harnessing technology and data to tackle global challenges and have demonstrated leadership potential in various ways, whether through formal work experience, volunteering, entrepreneurial endeavors, university-level responsibilities, and more.

Admission Rounds

The admission to the TLF happens in four rounds

Round 1 Deadline
7th January, 2024

Round 2 Deadline
3rd March, 2024

Deadline: 3rd March, 2024

Round 3 Deadline
8th April, 2024

Deadline: 28th April, 2024

Round 4 Deadline
16th June, 2024

Deadline: 16th June, 2024
TLF Admission Process
  • Submission of Application Form
  • Tech Aptitude Test
  • Personal Interview
  • Admission Offer
Submission of Application Form

Fill out the application form that will capture your academic history, work experience, internships, achievements, extra-curricular interests, projects, certifications, and other professional milestones. The form will help us understand your thought process and articulation. This is an elimination round - each application is carefully evaluated and assessed.
The application should clearly help us understand your profile highlighting the ‘spikes’ which demonstrate your ability and intent to perform in a high-quality academic program. Elaborate, reflective and evidence backed answers to various sections of the form shall increase the likelihood of shortlisting for the next round.
Within a week of submission of the application form, you shall receive an invitation for the Tech Aptitude Test and shall be asked to select a test slot from the available slots.

Tech Aptitude Test

The program requires a strong background in mathematics, logical reasoning and analytical abilities. The tech aptitude test will evaluate these competencies in an AI-proctored environment. This 90 mins test has the following components: Mathematical & Cognitive Abilities (MCQs) comprising Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, & Numerical Abilities, Problem Solving & Analytical Abilities.
We look for strong grasp of maths and statistics concept. The test shall evaluate your competencies on quantitative aptitude and problem solving abilities as they form the basis of many courses in the program.
Within a week of submission of the test, we shall intimate you if you have been shortlisted for the interview round. Alongside, you will be informed about interview slots for Technical and Personality Interviews.

*Note for applicants with valid GRE/GMAT/GATE/CAT scores: If you already have these scores with you, you can request an exemption from the tech aptitude test. The admissions team will evaluate your request and decide based on your scores and past performance/experience in math and programing.

Personal Interview

This involves personal interaction aimed at assessing your analytical abilities, understanding your alignment with the program, knowing your interests and liking, assessing how TLF will benefit you, and mapping your attributes which will benefit the TLF cohort. You will interact with a panel of faculty, alumni, Founders, and Directors of Plaksha University. This discussion shall be for 25-30 minutes.
Technical Competence: Fundamentals of math concepts, logical ability, statistics, technical projects, work experience projects, and discussion on programming/design thinking section of the test.
Personality Fit: Analytical Abilities, Understanding of TLF goals/structure, communication skills, clarity of purpose, extracurricular achievements, alignment to Plaksha values & personality.
This is the last round of the admissions process. Results will be released as per pre-announced dates. Successful applicants shall receive an email sharing the admission decision and the next steps to follow.
Candidates who are shortlisted for the interview stage will be asked if they have any financial aid requirement. They shall fill in the financial aid form sharing information on their family income, assets and liabilities. The finance committee shall determine the financial aid depending on the information and documents submitted by the candidate in the form.

Admission Offer

On completing all the steps of the admission process, we will share our decision with you. You will be given 10 days to accept or decline the admission offer. Should you choose to proceed, you are expected to comply with the instructions stated in the decision email.

Admissions for TLF class of 2025 are now open.

You can anytime reach us at for any queries. Wishing you all the best for your bright future.

Fee details

Fee for session 2023-24. The fee for the 2024-25 will be updated soon.

Acceptance Fees

₹ 50,000

Career Development Fees

₹ 1,10,000

Tuition Fees

₹ 10,30,000

Accommodation Fee

₹ 1,70,000
*Indicative. Above stated fee is for 2023-2024.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance

Plaksha is committed to ensuring that no deserving student is denied access to a world class education because of personal financial constraints. This is made possible through our generous need-based financial aid and select merit-based scholarships. The Scholarship Fund is subject to a well-defined eligibility and selection process.

Contact Information

We are committed to offering the Fellowship to the most talented and deserving students across the country.
Contact number +91 7303580961
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Address Alpha, Sector 101, IT City Rd, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306
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