BTech Admissions

We are looking for exceptional, bright, curious students for our BTech program.
Students who will be the tech leaders of tomorrow.

For a Select Cohort of 200

Our Philosophy

Plaksha University strives to bring together curious tinkerers and problem-solvers with a natural tendency to ask questions, explore concepts, and an openness to learning, wired with a risk-taking attitude. At Plaksha University, we are committed to admitting the brightest minds coming from all walks of life.
A student at Plaksha University will be encouraged to wear multiple hats which will be facilitated by the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum. This warrants an incoming student to demonstrate strong academic rigor along with the ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. We understand that these intrinsic qualities cannot be measured through marks alone and therefore believe in going beyond the mark sheet with our holistic selection process.

Application Form Requirements

  • As part of the application form, you are expected to share your academic details, extra-curricular, co-curricular profile and submit written/video essays

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants should be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed Class 12 or an equivalent qualification.
  • Mathematics is mandatory till Class 12. Physics, while not mandatory, is recommended for all undergraduate programs.
  • We strongly encourage applicants to submit at least one of these scores - SAT, ACT, JEE Mains, Class 12 or equivalent board scores - to be eligible for a firm offer of admission. Admission offers are based on a holistic review of an applicant’s candidature and not only on one score.
  • Students who apply using only predicted scores are eligible for a conditional offer of admission.
  • To know more, please go through the admissions policy document.

Application Timeline

Application form for the BTech Programs (2024 intake) is now open.

Round 1 Deadline

05 Dec 2023


Round 2 Deadline

17 Jan 2024


Round 3 Deadline

20 Mar 2024


Round 4 Deadline

30 Apr 2024


Round 5 Deadline

31 May 2024


BTech Admission Fees

Fee for the BTech program is a range and not a fixed amount. It varies depending on the financial aid awarded. 70% of our students are on some form of financial assistance. Our generous financial aid programs make quality education accessible and affordable for all, ensuring that no talented individual is left behind. 

Range of Tuition fee waivers: 25%- 100% 

The fee for the BTech program will be collected in two instalments every year, at the beginning of each semester. 

The fee is subject to revision every year in line with inflation. The revision would be in the range of 5% to 8% annually.

*In exceptional cases, admission fee and living expenses may be waived off, particularly for students from low-income households.

Semester Fee

Tuition Fee (per semester)

₹ 3,75,000

Hostel Fee (per semester)

₹ 72,000

Meal Charges (per semester)

₹ 33,000

One time payment not included in semester fee

Admission Fees

₹ 50,000

Security Deposit (refundable)

₹ 50,000

Financial Aid

Plaksha is committed to ensuring that no deserving student is denied access to education because of their personal financial constraints. Financial aid at Plaksha will comprise need-based and some merit-based scholarships.

Contact Information

Our campus is a 10 minute drive from the Chandigarh International Airport.

To take a tour of the campus virtually, click here.

Contact number +91 172 6670999
Email ID

Alpha, Sector 101, IT City Rd, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306

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