Frequently Asked Questions

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Technology Leaders Program

I am currently in college. Am I eligible to apply?

Technology Leaders Program

What credentials will I receive at the end of the Program?


Undergraduate Financial Aid

Who can apply for financial aid?

Undergraduate Programs

Is the campus ready?


Undergraduate Programs

Is the campus ready?

Technology Leaders Program

What credentials will I receive at the end of the Program?

Undergraduate Financial Aid

Who can apply for financial aid?

Undergraduate Programs

Is the campus ready?

What are the admission dates?

Round 1- December 5, 2023

Round 2- January 15, 2024

Round 3 - March 20, 2024

Round 4 - April 30, 2024

Round 5 - June 17, 2024

Is Plaksha recognized by AICTE?

Private Universities (unlike private engineering colleges) as per law, do not require AICTE approval.

Our academic programs are designed and developed by an Academic Advisory Board from leading global universities and are benchmarked to international standards.   

What type of degree will you offer at the end of the program?

It will be a 4-year BTech degree program.

What do you mean by interdisciplinary engineering education?

Engineering degrees are traditionally focused on one discipline - e.g. Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering.

However, real-world applications lie at the intersection of various disciplines. For example, building a robot lies at the intersection of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Creating a medical implant lies at the intersection of biology, materials science, electrical engineering, and other disciplines.

An interdisciplinary engineering education means that our degrees are thoughtfully designed to dismantle walls between disciplines and prepare students to solve some of the toughest problems faced by our planet. Each of the degrees we offer are rigorous, relevant and not constrained by the boundaries of any one discipline.

Do students have to choose the B.Tech major at the time of admission?

At the time of admission, students are asked to only indicate their preference of a major. However, they are required to formally declare their major at the end of the third semester, and can choose from any of the four majors we offer.

The freshmore curriculum (for 3 semesters) is intentionally designed to be common among the degrees, so that students gain exposure to different options and feel enabled to make an informed choice.

What is the nature of collaboration with partner institutions?

Our partner institutions are truly invested in our mission to reimagine technology education and research, and this shared mission lies at the heart of each partnership we forge.

Our partners engage with us deeply in the entire process of institution building, including design and delivery of the curriculum, along with student exchange and joint research.

Did you know?

The majors of Plaksha University were decided during the Academic Advisory Board meeting at MIT, Boston in April 2019.

We arrived at our four distinctive UG majors after a year of brainstorming and discussions with our Academic Advisory Board and eminent faculty across leading institutions around the world.

Know more about our majors here -

The Plaksha Technology Leaders Fellowship was designed from scratch over a series of brainstorming workshops at UC Berkeley and India. Some of Berkeley faculty currently teaches at TLF.

Recently, five 2nd year BTech students completed research internships at top international and Indian universities – UC San Diego, SUTD Singapore, Brown University, IIT Bombay and IIIT Delhi.

What accreditation does Plaksha have? Is it recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC)?

Plaksha University is established under the Punjab government's 'Punjab Private Universities Policy 2010'.

Plaksha is empowered to award degrees as specified under Section 22 of the UGC Act.

Will it be mandatory to stay on campus? Is it a residential program or can I be a day scholar?

Plaksha undergraduate education experience is designed to be fully residential and all students will be required to stay on campus. We believe that living on campus will be a significant part of the overall student experience.

Is the campus ready?

Yes. The campus is ready and growing. The 50-acre campus comprises state-of-the-art classrooms, research labs, makerspace, coding cafe, multi-purpose hall, dining space and various recreational facilities like football field, basketball courts, tennis court, dance studio, wellness center and more.


Plaksha's Makerspace sets the tone for a collaborative environment for experiential, hands-on learning. Students design, build and test prototypes, which are the first few steps towards developing novel and practical solutions to solve society's grand challenges. Makerspace comprises 3D printers lab, robotics lab, electronics lab, CNC lab, sewing lab, illustration lab, modelling and presentation lab and more.

Nature's Machines Lab 

The lab provides our UG students with practical experience in biological systems and insights into the intricate machinery with which life functions in nature. Students get to perform experiments using modern research infrastructure and explore topics like microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology and bioprocess engineering.

In the recent past new research labs have been set up on campus - IoT Lab, Physical World Lab, Jefferies Finhub, Indorama Ventures Center for Clean Energy, Center for Water Security, Central Instrumentation Facility and Cell and Molecular Bio Engineering Center.

We will be adding more capacity in the next few years.

Campus tours are organized at regular intervals. The link is announced on

What qualities does the admissions committee look for?

Plaksha strives to bring together curious tinkerers and problem-solvers with a natural tendency to ask questions, explore concepts, and an openness to learning, wired with a risk-taking attitude. At Plaksha, we are committed to admitting the brightest minds coming from all walks of life. A student at Plaksha will be encouraged to wear multiple hats which will be facilitated by the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum. This warrants an incoming student to demonstrate strong academic rigor along with the ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. We understand that these intrinsic qualities cannot be measured through marks alone and therefore believe in going beyond the mark sheet with our holistic selection process.

Are commerce and humanities students eligible to apply at Plaksha?

Students coming from commerce and humanities backgrounds can apply for the undergraduate programs at Plaksha, as long as they have studied Mathematics up to Class 12. Our undergraduate degrees are BTech programs and will require the students to go through a freshmore curriculum with core engineering courses including Physics.

Will predicted scores (for Grade 12) be considered?

Yes, students can apply with their predicted Class12 scores. They will have the option of either submitting self-predicted or school predicted scores. If the school has a policy of keeping the predicted scores confidential, they can directly send them to the admissions team at

Who should apply for the Data Science, Business and Economics major?

The ideal students for this major should have a strong interest in math, data and programming, along with excitement to apply these in the context of business, economy and society. Having studied mathematics in Classes 11 and 12 is an eligibility requirement. It is important to note that this major is different from a pure business degree or a pure economics degree. This major has a strong data science core upon which the applications in business and economics are built, to create a rigorous and interdisciplinary, four-year program. A strong interest in Mathematics, Programming and Data Science along with an interest in Economics and Business is therefore desirable.

How many rounds of applications are there? Can I apply in all?  

Plaksha accepts applications for the undergraduate program across multiple rounds in the admissions cycle. You can submit your application only once. For example, if you have submitted your application in Round 2, you cannot apply in Round 3 or Round 4. You can however update your application with additional information.

We encourage you to apply as early as possible.