Plaksha’s community of faculty members comprises individuals who are equally brilliant as teachers, researchers and practitioners. Faculty at Plaksha have trained and worked at some of the world’s best universities, bringing with them diverse domain knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise. To know more about faculty positions click here.

Our Faculty

Ranu Roychoudhuri

Assistant Professor, Ahmedabad University

Kenwyn Smith

Professor Organizational Behaviour University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Sudheendra Hangal

Professor of the Practice in Computer Science, Ashoka University

Dr. Somali Chaterji

Visiting Assistant Professor of CS, Purdue University

Dr. Shubhashis Gangopadhyay

Managing Trustee, IDF

Dr. Ravi Kothari

Former Chief Scientist, IBM Research India Professor of CS, Ashoka University

Dr. Ramesh Singh

Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Dr. Nirvikar Singh

Distinguished Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz

Dr. James Weimer

Research Assistant Professor of CS, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. James Shanahan

Lecturer, UC Berkeley School of Information

Dr. Ikhlaq Sidhu

Faculty Director & Chief Scientist, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, UC Berkeley

Dr. David Chesney

Toby Teorey Collegiate Lecturer CSE, University of Michigan

Dr. Andrew O. Brightman

Associate Professor of Engineering Practice, Purdue University