Dr. Chaitanya Lekshmi Indira

Dr. Chaitanya Lekshmi Indira

Director, Center for Equitable & Personalized Healthcare, Plaksha University

Faculty, Center for Water Security

Associate Professor, Biological Systems Engineering

Area of Expertise:

Materials Science Sensors and Catalysis

About Dr. Chaitanya Lekshmi Indira

Dr. Chaitanya’s research interests broadly cater to design of functional nanostructured materials, nanocomposites, and investigate their structure-property correlations for technology development.

Her recent research has focused on electrochemical, bio and optical sensor development for organic molecule and heavy metal-based analyte detection in water. Remote/online monitoring of pollutant detection in industrial waste water is planned through interdisciplinary research, together with geographical location mapping for more integrated water management and science policy. The sensing principle is planned to be extended to point-of-care health diagnostics through useful collaborations. She has keen interest on solar energy harnessing and gas conversion catalysis for environmental remediation through mechanistic studies on photodegradation of organic dyes in water as well as novel catalyst and filter design aiding toxic gas removal from air. Electrocatalyst design for clean energy will also be a focus at Plaksha.

Dr. Chaitanya also works actively on nanoscale heterostructures with important electronic and magneto-dielectric features useful for device applications.

She is interested in addressing grand challenges in India and globally through translational research involving academia & government labs and with industry partnership. Her passion also involves materials science teaching and science communication. She currently serves as lifetime and governing council member of the Electrochemical Society of India, and is a global affiliate member of the Society for Women Engineers.

Research Interests
  • Nanostructured materials & composites
  • Structure-property correlations
  • Electrochemical & optical sensing
  • Biosensors
  • Point-of-care diagnostics
  • Photo-electro (catalysis)
  • Water Security
  • Catalysts for Gas phase reactions
Past Associations
  • Visiting Scientist, FBML, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, CNRS-National Nanotechnology Laboratory, Italy
  • Assistant Professor, Amrita Institute of Medical Science & Research, Kochi
  • Associate Professor, CMR Institute of Technology, Bengaluru
  • MS and PhD in Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru