of graduates who pursue engineering are women


of graduates in computer science and informatics are women


of professionals in cutting edge fields, such as AI, are women

About GWiST

GWiST (Girls and Women in STEM) is an initiative by Plaksha University to create an inclusive and thriving ecosystem that facilitates advancement of girls and women in STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) endeavours. 

About GWiST

What we do

• Bridging the STEM gender gap via support network of role models across government, academia and industry.

• Building the cohort of next set of change-makers in STEM careers.

• Increasing the enrollment of women students in STEM fields.

How we do it

Inspiring Speakers

Hear inspiring success stories from game-changing industry leaders and entrepreneurs about the future of STEM education and careers, spanning challenges and exciting opportunities.

Impactful Solutions

Exchange insights with a global community to brainstorm impact-driven solutions, addressing issues pertaining to the involvement and contribution of girls and women in STEM education.

Engaging Dialogues

Nurture this unique opportunity to leverage a collective set of knowledge and experiences, contributing to open dialogues that foster collaborations on research, education, and tech innovation.

Coming from a non-computer science background, Apoorva wanted to foray into the IT sector. But tracing her roots to rather humble beginnings, riddled with financial challenges, leaving her previous job was a tough call. The financial aid made it possible. She is glad to have accelerated the pace of her career trajectory & credits her mentors.

"Joining Plaksha was the best decision I made. The exposure is incredible. Thanks to the financial support, I am five years ahead in my career and love what I do."

Apoorva S Shekhawat

TLF Class of 2022, A Lalitha Scholar | Data Scientist, Infoedge

A shared passion for environmental & social issues led Suhani to join Plaksha. She has since worked on several impact-oriented projects, won the Innovation Challenge at Innovation Mission Punjab and attended Stanford Summer School. With several lasting experiences, she expresses gratitude for the mentorship & opportunities.

"I am brimming with anticipation for the invaluable experiences & opportunities that await me. I am eager to expand my horizons academically & personally."

Suhani Jain

BTech 2025 Plaksha | Stanford Summer 2023

Driven by her passion for tech & entrepreneurship, Ramya chose Plaksha over job offers from renowned firms. Plaksha Entrepreneurship Support Program played a pivotal role in leading her to co-found StimVeda for mental health. She is determined to keep learning & innovating, and credits Plaksha for nurturing her ambition.

"Tech Leaders Fellowship gave me the permission to dream. Mentorship by founders helped me find the quickest solutions to the most challenging issues at hand."

Ramya Yellapragada

TLF Class of 2020 | Co-founder, Marbles (formerly StimVeda)

Mentorship Network

Partnerships and Collaborations

Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Hear what girls and women of Plaksha feel about us, an institute where empowerment meets innovation. 

GWiST Conversations



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Session with Rashmi Mandloi- Co-Founder, Leadup Universe



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Women leaders express thoughts on inclusivity, innovation and success



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Session with Navneet Sandhu, International Coach and Leadership Consultant