Plaksha University signs MoU with IIT Madras

Plaksha University signs MoU with IIT Madras and their International Center for Clean Water to Foster Academic and Scientific Collaboration for its Center for Water Security

October 11, 2023: Plaksha University, a new-age university, reimagining technology education and research in India with cutting-edge technology programs, signed a MoU for its Center for Water Security (CWS) with Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) and its International Center for Clean Water (ICCW) for academic and scientific collaboration. This landmark partnership signifies the shared vision of the institutions to advance cooperation and innovation for the grand challenge of providing sustainable access to clean water in India. Recognizing the paramount importance of fostering strategic collaboration for this cause, the joint initiative of Plaksha University and IIT Madras is poised to transform the academic landscape.

Water scarcity has big implications in different sectors such as food, health and energy. To provide sustainable clean water for all social, economic and environmental activities in India Plaksha’s Center for Water Security (CWS) envisions to perform interdisciplinary research in specific areas of sustainability such as wastewater treatment including algae-based remediation, sensors, hydro informatics, epidemiology and green energy. The initial focus areas will cover groundwater, domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater, with emphasis on circular water economy.  The campus will be used as a test bed for several activities involving real-time monitoring of water quality, wastewater treatment and resource recovery. The center will also focus on activities for education, outreach and awareness regarding water security.

Leveraging IITM’s established strengths in this connection, the MoU will facilitate creation of cooperative arrangements that resonate with the core objectives. The MoU with IIT Madras and ICCW is also a testament to the commitment of Plaksha University to excel towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. Dr. Prashanth Suresh Kumar and Dr. Chaitanya Lekshmi, faculty at Plaksha and Mr. E. Nandakumar, CEO at ICCW were instrumental in bringing forth this collaboration.

Further commenting on the MoU, Prof. T Pradeep, Institute Professor and Deepak Parekh Institute Chair Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Professor-in-Charge ICCW highlighted the transformative potential of the collaboration: "The convergence of these esteemed institutions will undoubtedly catalyze innovation and accelerate our journey towards addressing some of the most important challenges in water. By synergizing our intellectual resources, we aspire to set new benchmarks of excellence and shape a brighter tomorrow for generations to come. After all, water is among the most important problems of the world, and it needs the collective intelligence of the best minds."

Dr. Malini Balakrishnan, Director, Center for Water Security, Plaksha University expressed, "Through this MoU, we are forging a powerful alliance that unites our shared commitment to advancing water security and sustainability. This collaboration enables us to channel our joint expertise into impactful actions to address existing and emerging global water challenges thereby paving the way for a more resilient and water-secure future."