Anjali Rattan Nashier

Current Position

Chairperson, Rattan India Enterprises Limited

Founder and Trustee, Plaksha University


Harvard Business School (OPM)

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge


Anjali Rattan Nashier is a seasoned and visionary leader in the entrepreneurial landscape. She holds the position of Chairperson at Rattan India Enterprises Limited. Under her guidance, the company has achieved a remarkable market capitalization of approximately ₹8000 Cr. Her entrepreneurial journey commenced with the establishment of Rattan India Solar, a venture in the renewable energy sector. With a diligent five-year effort, she magnified the solar enterprise, eventually orchestrating its acquisition by GIP in a deal valued at around ₹1800 Cr. 

Presently, the Rattan India group thrives in various dynamic sectors, encompassing enterprises such as thermal power, where Rattan India stands as a prominent private power generator with an impressive combined installed capacity of 2,700 MW from thermal power plants located in Amravati and Nashik. In the burgeoning market of electric vehicles, Revolt has emerged as the foremost electric motorbike brand in India. The e-commerce sector sees the significant presence of Cocoblu Retail Limited, a major seller on Amazon India, with an annual sales turnover reaching approximately ₹5000 Cr. Neosky has cemented its position as one of the leading drone companies in India, showcasing remarkable prowess in the field of aerial technology. Operating within the fintech domain, WeFin has established itself as a digital platform facilitating loan sourcing for over 30 banks. 

Anjali Rattan, an individual of multifaceted expertise with a background in electrical engineering and law, has further enriched her professional repertoire through the completion of the prestigious OPM program at Harvard Business School. Additionally, she proudly stands as an esteemed alumna of the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. Her diverse educational background and astute business acumen have played pivotal roles in steering the Rattan India conglomerate toward its phenomenal success across various industries.