Gaurav Suri

Current Position

CEO, Arcesium LLC

Founder & Trustee, Plaksha University


University of Illinois (MS Computer Science)

IIT Delhi (B.Tech. Computer Science)


"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration (by Thomas Edison)"


Gaurav Suri is the CEO of Arcesium. Gaurav was formerly a Managing Director and Head of Information Technology and Software Development for the D.E. Shaw group. From 1996 till Arcesium's launch in 2015, he focused on developing proprietary software associated with the D.E. Shaw group's investment management activities and building out the firm's software development operations in Hyderabad, India. He also oversaw the D.E. Shaw group's office in Hyderabad. Gaurav started his career in research at AT&T Bell Laboratories where his research interests included large scale reliable distributed systems.