Sunny Singh

Current Position

Partner, RoundGlass

Founder & Trustee, Plaksha University


Montana State University (Dual M.S.)

IIT Delhi (B.Tech.)


Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh has a vision for the world — that all of humanity embrace Wholistic Wellbeing while helping their communities grow and taking care of the planet. His vision extends to corporates as well: That each corporate take charge of a single (or more) societal problem and work on it until all the problems in the world have been solved — because this is why corporates exist and this is what they do best.

Sunny walks the talk — he has taken ownership of many societal and environmental problems and is investing in impact initiatives in the field of sports (RoundGlass Sports) and sustainability (RoundGlass Sustain) focused on action for the good of the individual, community, and the entire planet. To this effect, he has set up a world-class football, hockey, and tennis academy and acquired RoundGlass Punjab Football Club to inspire Indian kids and youth to play.

He founded RoundGlass in 2014 to enable and empower communities and individuals on the path of Wholistic Wellbeing through technology-enabled solutions and apps, expert-led content, and by providing access to the world’s best teachers and experts. Sunny also wants to transform the prevailing reaction-based approach in healthcare to one that’s proactive and focused on prevention, in addition to treatment.

He has designed RoundGlass in such a manner that it is self-sustaining. RoundGlass’s commercial services — our corporate wellbeing solution, apps and collectives, and practice management platform RoundGlass Cross — fuel its social impact initiatives. These are RoundGlass Sports, which is grooming the next generation of sporting talent in India and giving every child in Punjab a chance to play, and RoundGlass Sustain, which is taking to the world a media-rich digital encyclopaedia of Indian biodiversity. Then there is the RoundGlass Foundation, which aims to restore wellbeing to 12,500 villages in Punjab, India.

Sunny’s story is one of perseverance and hard work — and the success that comes when you follow your passion and put your heart and soul in it. Sunny grew up in a lower middle-class family in Punjab, India. His father was a sportsman, one of the best Indian hockey players at some point — something he achieved through sheer effort and that has always served as an inspiration for Sunny. Sunny now lives in Seattle in the US with his family.

After working with companies such as Expeditors International and Microsoft, Sunny became an entrepreneur in 1996 with Edifecs, now a market leader in the global healthcare technology space that is improving the ways healthcare organizations manage and leverage the information they exchange. With RoundGlass, Sunny turned entrepreneur for the second time. He also earned epithets such as philanthropist, visionary, and Wholistic Wellbeing champion.

Sunny believes that everyone should have access to Wholistic Wellbeing or wellbeing across dimensions — physical, mental, financial, social, community, and planetary, and more. The path to Wholistic Wellbeing includes everything from meditation, yoga, physical exercise, social interactions, food, working for the community, the planet, etc.

Sunny feels the universe has been kind to him and has put him in a special position to be able to do what he loves. So, with RoundGlass, he decided to give back what he’s received from the universe. The journey of life, according to Sunny, is the journey of wellbeing. RoundGlass is an instrument of change that seeks to empower everyone on this life journey of Wholistic Wellbeing.