Sushil Dharmarha

Current Position

Director, Polarities Co. Ltd

Plaksha Donor


IIT Delhi ( Mechanical Engineering)


A driven professional with wide ranging experience in Back-office Outsourcing; Business Process Design; Information Planning; and Application Design & Development. Sushil's domain & technology skills are sourced as much from diverse consulting engagements as from his experiences in managing a consulting & outsourcing firm in Japan for the last 20+ years. Sushil has always maintained a business focus while servicing clients. His holistic, cross-functional perspective has been the key to his success in delivering quality business solutions with a high ROI. Sushil graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi and spent the early years of his career at IBM Australia followed by HP India. He came to Japan in 1993 and established Polarities in 1996 with the objective of bringing the advantage of information technology to small & medium sized international businesses in Japan.

He has directed IT initiatives across a wide variety of functional domains & technologies. Since 2007 Sushil has been working towards a vision of Japan that is open and welcoming to foreigners wishing to come here to work. Towards this vision, Polarities provides operational outsourcing services to overseas service companies enabling them to execute assignments in Japan without the hassles of establishing & operating a local entity.