Career opportunities after pursuing Technology Leaders Program from Plaksha University


Technology Leaders Program (TLP) is a new-age postgraduate program, designed by a global community of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and academia, for a world that is being transformed by technology. The course is co-designed and co-delivered by UC Berkeley.

TLP interweaves coursework in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, applications of Data Science, entrepreneurship, and an understanding of self and leadership along with experiential learning through Capstones and Challenge Labs, to solve real-world problems.

We handpick 60 young individuals with high potential and take them through a one-year rigorous journey that helps develop them as leaders in technology and create the world we want to live in.

TLP graduates are:

  • Pioneering cutting-edge AI products & solutions in companies

  • Building high-impact tech start-ups

  • Applying technology to impact real-world problems in health, agriculture and more

Industry Ready: 5 ways Plaksha Tech Leaders contribute to their organizations

Plaksha University's tech leaders have a strong understanding of business landscapes deploying Machine Learning and Data Science applications. They can identify technology architecture, understand customer needs, foresee business scalability and synthesize industry factors to help organizations make strategic moves. They add significant value in the roles such as product managers, business consultants, technology architects, data analyTLP graduates arems.

  • Mastery in technology planning and deployment

  • Ability to adapt and lead in cross-functional teams

  • Data driven decision making

  • Strong leadership and entrepreneurship skills

  • Project planning and management

One program with many career paths

Tech Leaders Program is a launchpad for high impact careers. Tech Leaders are nurtured to lead organizations, build path-breaking ventures and address real-world problems for India and the world. The average salary for Class of 2021 was Rs 19 lakh per annum. The top 10% of the batch received a compensation of Rs 28 lakh per annum.

Corporate Careers

Companies: Tech Leaders have been placed with reputed organizations including Boston Consulting Group, Verisk, Walmart Labs, Microsoft, Fractal Analytics, Paytm Payments Bank, Cisco and Silicon Valley Internship Program.

Corporate Careers
Praveen Sridhar

"Through a balanced curriculum in technology and leadership, TLP has helped me be a confident and conscious Data Scientist, capable of thinking critically and building technological solutions with empathy."

Praveen Sridhar, Class of 2020

Data Scientist, Boston Consulting Group


Graduates are working in dream roles including Data Scientist, Product Manager, Senior Product Engineer, Product Analyst, Chief of Staff, and in the CEO’s office.

Role wise break up
Role wise break up
Industry wise breakup
Industry wise breakup
Anku Rani

"TLP exposed me to numerous fields - data sciences, research, software development, and product management. The Program takes care of one’s emotional wellbeing via mentorship and counseling sessions."

Anku Rani, Class of 2021

Data Scientist, Verisk


Startup ideas were conceived and founding teams formed (and disbanded) during the Challenge Lab course, which is a mini entrepreneurial journey. Some Fellow-turned-founders persisted, were selected for the Plaksha Entrepreneurship Support Program and are now pursuing their dream.

6 startups founded at TLP including Synth, a Y Combinator company, and StimVeda, ranked among top 7 healthcare startups of 2021.

Ramya Yellapragada

"What Plaksha gave me was permission to dream, by helping me understand that successful people are just like us, at one time they started from our position."

Ramya Yellapragada, Class of 2020

Co-founder of Stimveda (Ranked among top 7 health startups of 2021)

Research and Higher Studies opportunities

TLP students have received offers to pursue higher studies or undertake short-term research project from institutions like Columbia University (USA), Purdue University (USA), Aalto University (Finland), KTH Royal Institute (Sweden), University of Toronto (Canada), NTU Singapore, TIFR (India) and IIIT Hyderabad (India).

Research and Higher Studies opportunities
Social Impact

Students have also been placed with organizations like Tamil Nadu e-governance Agency and IIC Program.

Shreyansh Banthia

"TLP has played a crucial role in helping me secure admission to the MScAC program at the University of Toronto - a pioneering and eminent institution for AI research around the world. I was awarded the prestigious Vector Institute of AI (a premier AI research non-profit) scholarship, given to only 80 of the thousands of students that apply each year. "

Shreyansh Banthia, Class of 2021

MScAC, University of Toronto

Bhairevi Ganesh Iyer

“I now understand practical data challenges and troubleshooting needs during live projects and can empathize with other stakeholders. Data science concepts like, data cleaning and analysis taught at Plaksha have helped me in my current role at TNeGA.”

Bhairevi Ganesh Iyer, Class of 2020

Business Analyst at Tamil Nadu eGovernance Agency

TLP is creating technology leaders from India, for the world. In the span of a year, graduates have experienced personal and professional transformation and are well on their way to successful tech careers.

How TLP provides placement support for each cohort

From the moment students join the program till the time they land opportunities in roles and companies of their choosing, an able team assists them in making informed choices, including:

Corporate placement support: Facilitates campus recruitment and internship events for diverse tech and leadership roles in top MNCs

Shivanshu Srivastava

"Kind words, constant support, and the right mentorship by the Career Development Office ensured not only that I not only got a job but also multiple opportunities from where I could choose a path that suited me the best and opened new doors.”

Shivanshu Srivastava, Class of 2021

HRS, Data Scientist

Career development committee: Allows a group of students to actively lead the planning and implementation of career enhancement initiatives.

One-on-one mentorship: Connects each tech leader with an industry leader / CXO / Entrepreneur for personalized mentorship in academic, career and personal domains.

Profile building and curation support: Conducts industry & role debriefing, mock assessments, corporate engagement, expert sessions & customized career coaching.

Plaksha Entrepreneurship Support Program: Provides expert mentorship, incubation support, business plan validation, funding guidance and skill development.

Plaksha alumni network: Connects students with 120+ alumni working as senior corporate executives, tech leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Prerna Dave

“The TLP team was always there to support every students' endeavors from projects to startups and placements. I know that I can always turn to them whenever I need guidance in life.”

Prerna Dave, Class of 2021

Product Analyst, Jeevansathi