TLP Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently in college. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, you can apply provided you are in the final year of college and will successfully complete the degree by Summer of 2023.

Is an engineering degree mandatory to be eligible?

No, it is not mandatory. Anyone with a Bachelor's degree in any stream can apply. Technical prerequisites in Math and Programming are defined here. If you are certain that you meet these technical prerequisites, you are welcome to apply, and we will consider your application.

Can a fresher or final year student apply for Plaksha TLP?

Yes, the Technology Leaders Program is an excellent program for final year students and fresh graduates who want to transition to AI-ML and Data Science. As the program commences in August each year, a final-year student can apply. However, you should have completed your graduation before the start of the program.

About 35% of our tech leaders from the previous 3 cohorts are college freshers who have transitioned into new-age technology roles, after TLP.

I do not know coding/programming. Can I still apply for TLP?

Yes you can apply to TLP.
However, you must have a strong foundation in Math/Statistics. Also, you will have to attend the Bridge Course to learn the basics of programming. Read more on the Bridge Course to find out how our non-tech graduates have made the shift to Data Science and other tech roles.

What is the TLP Bridge Course? Who is it for?

The Technology Leaders Program offers a 30+ hours of Bridge Course on fundamentals of Math and Programming required for Data Science training. In addition, you have an opportunity to join the TLP Class of 2024, based on your performance in the mid-term evaluation of the Bridge Course.

This course is offered in the form of online weekend sessions, in March & July. No fee is charged for this course; however, the selection is made after careful consideration of candidates’ profile and interest in AI-ML.

Who should attend
  • Working tech professionals who are out of touch with Math,Programming and Coding
  • Engineering graduates from core branches such as Mechanical, Electrical, ECE, and Civil.
  • Math / Economics / Statistics majors looking to transition into cutting-edge tech roles.

Is there any advantage of submitting the admission application early?

Here are three 3 advantages of submitting your application early:

  1. Admissions on a rolling basis

    The TLP program has a limited number of seats. In case these are filled up from the initial rounds of the admission applications, further rounds will be void. Early movers have an advantage.

  2. Bigger pie of financial assistance and scholarships

    TLP has set aside a larger share of funds for early applicants. Rs. 2.5 crore in scholarships is available for the incoming cohort as need-based assistance, merit-based scholarships, and STEM scholarships for women. If you apply early, we can support you better.

  3. Early decision equals peace of mind

    The earlier you complete the application, the quicker you get the results for the tech aptitude test and interview process. Additionally, save yourself the expense of submitting multiple applications.

Are scholarships available? What are the criteria?

Yes. We are committed to offering financial assistance to deserving candidates across the country. Need-based scholarships are provided to eligible candidates, identified through a comprehensive financial-aid evaluation process. Limited merit scholarships are also available. All applicants are considered for merit scholarships by default.

What happens after I submit the TLP application form?

On submitting the TLP application, you will receive a technical aptitude test. This will be followed by a round of personal interview.


The program requires a strong background in mathematics, logical reasoning, and analytical abilities. The tech aptitude test will evaluate these competencies in an AI-proctored environment.

This two-hour-long test has the following components:

  • Section 1: Mathematical & Cognitive Abilities (MCQs): Probability, Linear Algebra, Logical Reasoning, & Calculus
  • Section 2: Basic Programming abilities: This test shall comprise 1 question testing the basics of Programming in any high-level language.


Within a week of submission of the test, we shall inform you if you have been shortlisted for the interview round. Alongside, you will be informed about interview slots for Technical and Personal Interviews.

View sample test here


This round shall be a personal interaction aimed at assessing your analytical abilities, understanding your alignment with the program, knowing your interests and liking, assessing how TLP will benefit you, and mapping your attributes which will benefit the TLP cohort. In this round, you will be given a ‘Case Study’ to read and analyze. This shall require you to apply principles of problem-solving to analyze and solve a given case. You shall discuss your solution in the interview which will follow this step.

Lastly, you will interact with a panel of faculty, alumni, Founders, and Directors of Plaksha University. Each discussion shall be for 25-30 minutes.


This is the last round of the admissions process. Results will be released as per pre-announced dates. Successful applicants shall receive an email sharing the admission decision and the next steps to follow.

Click here for details.

What credentials will I receive at the end of the Program?

After completing the Plaksha Technology Leaders Program (TLP), you will receive Post Graduate Diploma in AI, ML and Leadership by Plaksha University.

I have an AI-ML startup idea. Can I work on it as my Capstone Project?

You will be required to pitch your idea to the Capstone Committee. The Committee will evaluate the proposal with a high bar on technical rigor and feasibility. If approved by the committee, we would be glad to support your startup idea as your Capstone Project, right from mentorship to business opportunities.


TLP is a fully residential program as peer learning, inside and outside the classroom, is a big component of the pedagogy. In order to facilitate this, we require students to stay at the residential facilities provisioned for the program.

Can I work at a job alongside the Program/pursue the Program online?

No, TLP is a very intensive program and demands full-time commitment.

How do I know if the Tech Leaders Program is right for me?

The Technology Leaders Program is right for you if you want to roll up your sleeves and leverage technology to make real-world impact. You will learn concepts, tools and techniques in AI, ML and Data Science and how to apply these to design products, systems and solutions for people. Signature experiences such as the Capstone, Challenge Lab and Grand Challenge Lecture Series, leadership and mentorship will prepare you for the real-world and real problems throughout your career.

Technology Leaders Program is for you, if you

  • Are passionate about leveraging technology to solve real-world challenges
  • Are a recent graduate, working professional or entrepreneur and aspiring for an accelerated career path in tech space

Technical prerequisites are:

  • Strong grasp of mathematical concepts, specifically in the areas of probability, statistics and linear algebra
  • Good problem solving and analytical abilities
Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee.

I am from a non-technical background? am I eligible to apply for TLP?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for TLP. Your undergraduate stream is not important as long as you have a strong grasp of mathematical concepts, specifically in the areas of probability, statistics, linear algebra, and good problem-solving and analytical abilities. This is evaluated in the second step of the admission process, which is the technical test round. If you perform well in the tech aptitude test, then you will be invited for the interview round.

What kind of AI-ML concepts are covered / taught in TLP?

Data Science courses at TLP at taught by top practitioners from Google, UC Berkeley, Microsoft IMB and more. Learning is not limited to comprehensive study of subjects like probability and statistics to understand AI, ML but also has includes application of AI, ML to model solutions to real world problems.

You get to learn highly valued skills such as Fundamental Statistics Concepts, Python, Data Analysis, MLOps, Predictive Analytics, NLP, Data Modeling and Visualization, and StoryTelling. Additionally you also work on data science tools which matter, like PySpark, Python, SciPy, NumPy, Jupyter, Pandas, Hadoom, TensorFlow, Git & SQL.

All these put together enable you to start applying core data concepts for business decision making and drive strategy and innovation at technology companies

What should I focus on while writing answers to essay questions?

The essay will help us understand your thought process. You can elaborate your experiences, career goals, and learnings so far. We will also look at how you articulate your life journey. Be creative and elaborate in sharing. This will allow us to understand your alignment with the goals and approach of the program.At TLP, we are looking at individuals:

  • Who are curious to learn and develop cutting-edge technology solutions to make a positive impact on the world
  • Will be a part of high-performance technology teams working to solve real-life problems
  • Approach complex challenges with critical thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Are go-getters and overcome challenges through perseverance and diligence
What is the career support provided by TLP?

Three cohorts have been placed in key technology leadership roles such as Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Product Managers, Product Analysts and more.

TLP graduates have been handpicked by top companies like Amazon, Arcesium, Boston Consulting Group, Cisco, Fractal Analytics, Info Edge (India) Ltd. and Walmart Labs and more. While some have gone on to study in top universities globally, others have chosen the exciting path of founding startups. Click here to learn about the Career Advancement Initiatives at Plaksha.

What are the different career tracks I can take after graduating from TLP?

Plaksha’s Technology Leaders Program is a launchpad for high-impact careers. Tech Leaders are nurtured to lead organizations, build path-breaking ventures and address real-world problems for India and the world.

TLP program promotes one program, many paths:

  • Corporate Careers: 80% of students have landed dream roles as Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Product Managers, Product Analysts and more.
  • Research and Social Impact: 9% of students have opted to pursue research & higher studies or works towards social impact using technology.
  • Entrepreneurship: 11% of students have forayed into entrepreneurship. Almost one-fourth of the cohort has founded startups. Startup ideas were conceived and founding teams formed (and disbanded) during the Challenge Lab course, which is a mini entrepreneurial journey.

Click here for placement report of class of 2022.

Can I apply for Ph.D / Research programs after doing TLP?

Yes, you can apply to top research and doctoral programs after compeleting TLP. Many students from previous cohorts have opted for research assignments, with global faculty members at universities like UC Berkeley & Purdue University, during their Capstones.

Some prominent universities where TLP alumni doing research / doctoral assignments include Columbia University (USA), Purdue University (USA), Aalto University (Finland), KTH Royal Institute (Sweden), University of Toronto (Canada), University of Washington (USA), New York University (USA), TIFR (India), IIT Hyderabad India, & Ashoka University (India).

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