Alumni Stories

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Founding class of 2020

Class of 2020
Founder, StimVeda


Ramya followed her passion for technology and entrepreneurship over lucrative on-campus job offers after graduation. She chose Plaksha’s program over opportunities to work in renowned tech firms like Adobe.

“My interest in Neuroscience, AI and entrepreneurship grew through the undergraduate years. I knew that going forward, I wanted to learn, experiment and build my own start-up.

At Plaksha, I worked on innovative projects on tight deadlines with other highly enterprising, like-minded individuals. During my Capstone Project, I met Lakshay Sahni, who is the co-founder for my start-up, StimVeda.

Together we designed the technology behind a non-invasive brain stimulation device with encouragement and hands-on mentoring by Plaksha Founders. Being a part of Plaksha Entrepreneurship Support Program (PESP) helped us build the foundation of our entrepreneurial journey.

There’s no formula for success. It’s about constantly learning and reinventing. But, small victories often sink under self doubt and the noise of other success stories. Plaksha however, allowed me to dream big, I was constantly reminded that successful people are just like us. They too started from scratch. Encouragement, like being featured as one of the top seven mental health start-ups of 2021, pushed us to learn and innovate even through tough times.”

Class of 2020
Data Scientist, BCG


A techie at heart, Praveen started his own venture, Tinker Hub, after completing B.Tech from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT). He also worked as a Machine Learning engineer before joining Plaksha.

He bagged a campus placement at the Boston Consulting Group, Japan. Praveen is the first internationally-recruited data scientist by BCG, Japan.

“Through a balanced curriculum focusing on both, core technology and leadership, Plaksha has helped me be a confident and conscious Data Scientist, capable of critical thinking and building tech solutions with empathy.”

Praveen won the Plaksha Founders Award for All Round Excellence and a Gold Medal for the highest overall CGPA.

Class of 2020
Intern, Silicon Valley Internship Program


Rashmi believes that computer science offers unending potential. In her words it is analogous to arts with a glittering expanse for imagination. Besides computer science she is a strong voice in the women in tech community. She believes that women should be the unique voice in the STEM domain. She has already built a tech-community for women. She was a speaker at Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) 2020 and was the only woman selected to speak at GopherCon Russia 2021.

“My journey at Plaksha has been an endless learning replete with opportunities. Be it learning professionalism, developing work ethics, or forming lifelong bonds, I am grateful to Plaksha for the experience. With love and support from a couple of my friends, mentors and professors at Plaksha, I was able to secure a place in the Silicon Valley Internship Program 2020."

Class of 2020
Product Manager, Microsoft


Shubham’s story is inspiring. After eight years of industry experience, he joined Plaksha determined to change his career path. His determination made him achieve his goal and he moved into product management.

“It is a dream come true. It wouldn't have been possible without the support and learning at Plaksha. Interdisciplinary courses taught by an international faculty enhanced my skill set especially in building scalable products. This helped me get into product management. I had the never-ending support of the entire Plaksha community all through. Discussions and mentee sessions with Founders and tech leaders gave me the direction, strength and motivation to stay focused.”

Class of 2020
Co-founder, Synth
Y Combinator Startup


Urvin found an intersection between social sciences and engineering at Plaksha. A liberal arts graduate, he built his AI-based startup here with three other co-founders.

“The depth of the program curriculum led to a path of self-discovery and helped me carve a successful future."

Synth took shape when three tech leaders, Suneel, Urvin and Vaibhav reconnected at the Plaksha Entrepreneurs Support Program. They developed their product under the mentorship of Plaksha Founders.

Synth's vision is to support professionals with a personal AI assistant that automates monotonous tasks and augments ideation processes.

Synth, their multilingual AI assistant augments meetings and takes live personalized notes thus saving precious time.

Class of 2020
Business Analyst at Tamil Nadu eGovernance Agency


A green crusader, Bhairevi has worked in sustainable development and climate change projects from high school.

Committed to data science and design development, Bhairevi has taken up diverse professional roles in waste management, regional planning using GIS tools and food sectors in the US and India.

“I now understand practical data challenges and troubleshooting needs during live projects and can empathize with other stakeholders. Data science concepts like, data cleaning and analysis taught at Plaksha have helped me in my current role at TNeGA.”

She plays the bass guitar, something she explored as a part of the South Asian Fusion music ensemble at UPenn. She was awarded the Spirit of Plaksha award at the Class of 2020 Convocation.


Class of 2021
Product Engineer, BCG


Struggling through life for lack of inclusive infrastructure, Piyush dreamt to make India accessible by promoting the cause of the differently-abled community. This passion to make an impact using technology made him apply at Plaksha.

Born with a locomotive disability (Spina Bifida), Piyush, grew up in a financially challenged environment. He was carried back and forth to school by his parents. Undeterred, he joined NIT, Hamirpur and graduated in 2016 with a B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

As the main earning member, the financial burden of further studies left him conflicted. His application for scholarship at Plaksha was accepted and that gave wings to his dreams.

He honed himself at the Program with 26 diverse courses including, Data Science, Machine Learning, Product Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. His Capstone project at BCG as a Product Engineering intern, converted into a pre-placement offer.

We are proud to share that he represented his home state of Himachal Pradesh at the National Para-Table Tennis Championship 2020, Indore and won a bronze medal. He aspires to represent India in the 2024 Paralympics

Class of 2021
Machine Learning and Data Intelligence Lead Consultant, Abodoo


No one in Bhavika’s family had ever opted for science. Her inspiration was her Math teacher in school.

“He changed the lives of so many students in a remote corner of Patna, with rudimentary resources. I was one such student. My love for mathematics has guided many of my life’s decisions."

Bhavika has authored an IGI Global Publication documenting her statistical research on zero dormitory food waste in educational institutions.

"This research sparked my interest in the theoretical foundation of decision-making methods. Plaksha offers a fine balance of AI, ML and leadership with mentorship. This program is perfect to help me choose a long-term direction to come out better for a world sitting at the cusp of disruptive innovation.” Her Capstone Project is a research with Purdue University, where under the guidance of Dr. Jitesh Panchal, she developed a Machine Learning-based computational model of human decision making in design teams.

Class of 2021
Product Analyst, Jeevansathi (InfoEdge)

Prerna Dave

Prerna feels that interaction with the outstanding peers, faculty, and mentors at Plaksha have shaped her personal and professional journey. The Program's unique curriculum has given her the tools, exposure, and perspective to carry out her work well. "Each course was hands-on and made sure we brainstormed and built something of our own," she says. Acknowledging the support of the Program team in projects, startups, and placements, she knows that they always have her back!

Class of 2021
Data Scientist, BCG

Hanshika Gupta

After five years as a software developer, Hanshika Gupta wanted to do something more. It was while figuring out her next steps, the project that she was working on - building a recommendation engine - took her deeper into AI-ML, sparking her interest in the area. She narrowed down on the Technology Leaders Program to give flight to her vision. "Apart from core technology, there has been a tremendous amount of reflection-based learning for all of us in the form of guest lectures and mentorship sessions," she feels. Eventually, she landed an opportunity with one of the top consulting firms of the world.