Women Tech it at Plaksha

Conventionally, women lack access to academic opportunities , family support, role models, financial aid and an inclusive social environment to enter and thrive in cutting-edge technology fields.

Here’s how the Technology Leaders Program is attempting to create a level playing field.

Unique and multipronged approach
to bridge the gap

  • Enabling transformation by helping women startup, transition into deep tech roles, and lead from the front with confidence as Data Scientists, Product Managers, Machine Learning Engineers and more.

  • Generous Scholarships including the A. Lalitha Scholarship for women in STEM, plus need and merit-based scholarships empower women to pursue higher education without dipping into savings.

  • 1-0-1 mentorship by women role models in tech and business who guide students before the TLP interview, during the program, at the time of campus interviews and beyond the program - through their professional journeys. They ensure the personal and professional well-being of the mentees. Women mentors help women students navigate professional and personal challenges and encourage them to grab opportunities in technology.

  • Safe Campus with zero tolerance for ragging, no access women’s hostel wing, hotline to members of women staff and security, and other physical infrastructure to ensure that the students enjoy a pleasant stay on campus - with no restriction on personal freedom and expression.

Bringing you stories of triumph and transformation
of Plaksha’s Women Tribe

Apoorva Shekhawat
TLP Class of 2022
Data Scientist with Info Edge India Ltd

Provided Apoorva a solid alumni and faculty network

“The TLP faculty has been amazing, offering complete support inside and outside the classes. The alumni have been a great help too. At each stage, they have guided me on what to read, how to improve my skills, how to build my resume. They have motivated and encouraged me to keep going!”

Rashmi Nagpal
TLP Class of 2020
Software Engineer (Machine Learning)
Cactus Communications
Silicon Valley Internship Program 2020

Supported Rashmi's efforts as a voice for women in STEM

"I believe that women should be the unique voice in STEM. At the time I was a student at Plaksha I was invited to speak at Free and Open-Source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) 2020. I was the only woman selected to speak at GopherCon Russia 2021. I continue to build and grow a community of and for women in tech."

Ramya Yellagaprada
TLP Class of 2020
Co-founder of StimVeda
(Named among top 7 health startups of 2021)

Made it possible for Ramya to turn entrepreneur

"During my Capstone Project at TLP, I co-founded Stimveda with my classmate Lakshay Sahni. We designed the technology behind a non-invasive brain stimulation device to treat depression. Being a part of Plaksha Entrepreneurship Support Program laid the foundation of our entrepreneurial journey. Plaksha allowed me to dream big! I was constantly reminded that successful people are just like us." ”

Antara Koul
TLP Class of 2021
Product Manager at Indifi

Helped Antara switch to tech from a non-tech background

“As an Economics graduate with very little exposure to programming, I started my journey in ML and Data Science from scratch. It has been a holistic growth for me. Every day at TLP I learnt new concepts and ideas. My appetite to take risks and ability to adapt has shot up."

Prajna Vegesna
TLP Class of 2021
Decision Scientist at Fractal
Gave Apharna peers for life

Honed Prajna as an empathetic tech leader

"The combination of courses - Data Science, product, and design - sharpened my perspective. Real-world projects like Challenge Lab helped me understand how startups take shape and develop teamwork skill. The Grand Challenge Lecture Series by domain experts on real-world application of AI-ML and in-depth career guidance helped me chalk my professional path. TLP has made me flexible and adept in technical, design, and leadership skills.”

Apharna M L
TLP Class of 2022
Product Manager at Senseforth.ai

Gave Apharna peers for life

“Of everything that the program has provided me, what I’m most thankful for is the opportunity to find my TRIBE, the people who will be my lifers, to learn from and work with such talented yet humble individuals; experiencing their sorrows, joys, ambition, and passion together, I’ve learned to hold my own, believe and perceive".

Anku Rani
TLP Class of 2021
Data Scientist at Verisk

Gave Anku women mentors to lean-on

"Female mentors and faculty at TLP have given me the confidence that women can lead the way in technology and entrepreneurship and carve a successful career. I was able to open up, discuss my problems, gain insights and ask questions without hesitation".

Bhairevi Ganesh Iyer
TLP Class of 2020
Change Strategist, Forum for the Future

Empowered Bharavi to make a social impact using tech

“Before Plaksha, I worked in areas of waste management, regional planning using GIS tools and food sectors in the US and India.
TLP has helped me understand practical data challenges and troubleshooting needs during live projects and can empathize with other stakeholders. Data science concepts like, data cleaning and analysis taught at Plaksha have helped me at Tamil e-Governance Agency.”

Women tech leaders of plaksha

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